Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Penang Turf Club- Prime Land in Penang

Penang Turf Club- Prime Land in Penang

After vanishing for almost 20 years from Penang Property Scene, Tan Sri Vincent Tan of Berjaya Group is finally back again in Penang.

Penang Turf Club
Vincent Tan has bought a 57-acre prime land near Penang Turf Club for RM459 million  which translate to about RM185 per square feet. However, it is almost not possible for you to fully utilize all the land for buidling houses, therefore the 'real' cost for this piece of land is ceratinly above RM300 per square feet.

I think Vincent Tan is planning big again in Penang and certainly if he is only building low rise condominium, Bungalow, Semi D together with low medium cost housing according to The Edge, he has no choice but to sell the future high cost houses for at least RM600-700 per square feet!!

So I think houses near Medan Lumba Kuda will appreciate soon to about RM300-500 per square feet and once the final plan of Berjaya Land is finalised, they might go even higher to RM600-700 per square feet!!

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