Thursday, August 30, 2007

Merdeka Day- Are we getting better?

Recently I read about an interview with our opposition leader Mr Lim Kit Siang conducted by 'The Sun' about his view on Malaysia. He mentioned an important point about Malaysia, he said even after 50 years of independence, races in Malaysia are not becoming more Malaysian but rather more Chinese , more Malay and more Indian.

He also brought up an interesting fact, when we were free from British colonization in 1957, Malaysia was the second richest country in Asia after Japan. Look at what we have become today, not only we are far behind Japan, even Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong have overtaken us.

In a normal economy scenario, I think workers should be paid according to their productivity, however, this is not the case in Malaysia. We are too dependent on cheap labour and we are no longer the country of choice for many civilized countries we used to be long ago due to this privilege.

We have to emphasize more on human capital development. More should be done to keep our country best brains to work for Malaysia and not our neighbour!

It is my hope that our leaders can look far ahead how to shape this country. Individual interest and favourism should be abandoned. Leaders come and go but this country remains forever, together we can build a great nation for our children!

' Happy Merdeka Day' - Take away your skin colour, your religion and your culture , we are Malaysians and we can stand tall in the World if we work together!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Hartamas Regency 2, KL

Hartamas Regency 2, A new addition to Sri Hartamas skyline

Having successfully completed and handed over Hartamas Regency 1 in April 2005, the developer is employing some of the winning ingredients of its maiden condo project in the Klang Valley at Hartamas Regency 2, along with other enhanced features.

Boasting a resort theme, Hartamas Regency 2 comprises 150 standard condo units and 60 duplexes. The standard units have built-ups ranging from 1,315 sq ft to 1,996 sq ft while the duplex units range from 2,300 sq ft to 3,300 sq ft. The units are pegged from RM 525,850.00 to RM1.5 Million while maintenance charges are RM 0.23 sen p.s.f. Construction on the 3.5 acres freehold project is well underway at an advance stage and completion is scheduled at end-2007.

RM2 Million were spent on a 3-tier security system, from the guardhouse to card access lobby and alarm in each unit that is linked directly to the guardhouse. The perimeter fencing will also be monitored via CCTV. Besides the security features, the development has smart home features, video intercom, smoke detector, high-speed Broadband Internet access and natural gas supply. As buyers become more discerning and their tastes being different from one another, we also decided to offer more choices when it comes to wall and floor finishes.

New Malaysian Mutual Fund

Public Islamic Asia Balanced Fund (PIABF)

Public Mutual is going to launch a new fund soon. Check out this fund today!

Up to 60% of the fund’s net asset value (NAV) can be invested in selected regional markets which include Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and other approved markets.
Equity exposure: Generally range from 40% to 60% of the fund’s NAV.
FREE takaful coverage. Terms and conditions apply.
Launched at NAV of RM0.25 per unit during offer period (21 August 2007 – 10 September 2007).

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Is Property Price Going to Crash?

Is Property Price Going to Crash?

Everyone is talking about subprime home loan crisis in US. As a Malaysian and Singaporean investor, we are concerned about our property price may go downhill as well. Anyway, althoung in Singapore, the property market is at its peak currently and almost all property types are breaking the record high in respective price.

I think that the market is overheating now and if you think that you are making a handsome profit, sell your property and at least you can sleep well for the next few months!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Make Money Online- Google Adsense

Make Money Online- Google Adsense

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I always think that the easiest way to make money online is using Google adsense. Try this out, you might be able to get your first dollar today! I made my first 100 dollars online via Google adsense!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

KL Property 2- Crest Jalan Sultan Ismail

KL property 2- Crest Jalan Sultan Ismail

Crest Worldwide Resources Sdn Bhd expects to sell off its maiden mixed development project in Kuala Lumpur in three months as it is targeted primarily at investors as well as young executives working and living in the city.

Crest Jalan Sultan Ismail-has a very strategic location- behind Renaissance Hotel at the intersection of Jalan Ampang and Jalan Sultan Ismail.

I think it is a good investment due to its good location and prestigious address.

The RM420mil project comprises a 26-storey block of office suites, 44-storeys of serviced apartments and a six-storey podium for retail and car park. It is situated on 1.72 acres of leasehold land, which the company purchased for RM35mil in 2005.

The residential tower will house 278 units ranging from 616 to 7,593 sq ft. The apartments are priced between RM425,000 and RM5.9mil, averaging RM750 per sq ft.

The 75 office suites have built-up areas of 1,605 to 10,498 sq ft and the average selling price is RM600 per sq ft. Prices vary between RM540,000 and RM6.6mil.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007



Found out this site recently, not sure wheter it is true or not internet marketting can generate RM20-30k per month!! You may wnat to try out but take your own risk!!

Attention! Singaporean Bloggers!

Singaporean Bloggers 'BOLEH' too!

If you want to compare who can think of ways of making more money- either Malaysian or Singaporean? I certainly will choose both. Why? This is because majority of us are living in a competative world. We are always scratching our heads to find more means to make more money.

OK, if you are a Singaporean blogger, you may want to check out this site to get some cash from blogging.

Singapore Property 1- Helios Residences

Singapore Property 1- Helios Residences

OK, OK, most people can not afford to buy property in Singapore because the property price in Singapore is soaring. You may be shocked that even a HDB flat in Singapore can fetch a value well above market value. A lot of Singaporeans are worried, simply because you may have to spend S400k-S500k to buy a good location 5-room flat now.

Anyway, I am not interested to talk about property bubble or economics today although a lot of people anticipate property market in Singapore will cool down in 1-2 years time.

This project interests me because it is being developed by Wing Tai, Singapore. Yes, Helios Residences-The Ultimate Urban Living Experience!!

Helios Residences, boast a one-of-its-kind luxurious living comprising 140 freehold apartments. Cradled amongst lush vines in the development, complimenting the greenery in the prime and established Cairnhill enclave, you’ll find a sanctuary of bliss relaxing in the very 1st and unique Tree Top Recreation Deck that soars 4 levels above ground, hosting a series of amenities in the Entertainment Wing, Wellness Wing, Family Wing and Children’s Wing. And more……, you may stroll down towards the Garden Wing to explore the undulating ground of activities that keep your guests and family sure footedly occupied. Such a brilliant extension to your spaces at home!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

You earn more if you study more?

You earn more if you study more?

Last nite, I received an email from one of the readers of this blog asking me whether a good education equals to a better future. I am rather suprised that he asked me this question simply because I think there are so many examples out there to show you that there are only three types of rich people in this planet- you either inherit your wealth ( which only contributes to about 10-15% of rich people in th world), you win it ( by lottery, jackpot or you win a rich spouse heart) or you make it!!

However, look around you, you may find that a lot of rich people out there are not well educated, I am not saying that education is not important. Education is merely a stepping stone for you to achieve success, however, whether you will end up as a rat in your never ending 'rat race' or jump out from this game greatly depends on your will and determination.

I must admit that a lot of my friends who are not medical specialists are actually better off than me even though I was once very proud of myself being the Member of the Royal College of Physicians , United Kingdom (MRCP).

I get pathetic pay in the hospital and a few of my friends are actually getting RM20-30k a month from their clinics and bussiness.

The bottom line is- it all depends on what you want in life? Job satisfaction? money? etc....... and I want to make my point clear, you must be educated but whether you will be successful in life later greatly depends on your personality and attitude!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

SP Setia and Pearl Island, Penang

SP Setia and Pearl Island, Penang

I am going to talk about SP Setia because of two reasons here, its housing project in Penang, Pearl Island and its share.

SP setia was voted as Asian best 200 companies under a billion in Forbes 2006 report. Although its share prices have hit historical high of more than RM9.00 recently and dropped to RM 7.35 later, I still think you should put an eye on this share if you are interested to buy some shares in property sector.

About its Pearl Island project in Penang. It's an innovative development concept comprises of 3-storey terrace houses displaying modern tropical facades surrounded by lush greenery and serene landscaping. Isle of Life showcases nature-inspired architecture with breathtaking lake view and facilities. The magnificent 5-Bedroom villas are built with charming and vibrant quality. The purchase price starts from RM 600,000. It comes with two master bedrooms which emphasizes 2-generations living to preserve family unity. The Isle of Aroma is a paradise for homes nestled among lovingly tended hibiscus garden, lily flowers and fragrant flowers. Our impressive creation of Show Village, namely Isle of Palm is an exclusive and splendid area for nature lovers. Lushful trees, shrubs of pines, spruces and firs decorate the surroundings of the idyllic homes.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Make Money With Paypal?

Can Malaysians make money using Paypal?

If you are having problems withdrawing money from your Paypal account, I suggest you to read this interesting article here by Hong Kiat. Anyway, I haven't tried this technique yet. I will try it soon. If anyone of you have another method of withdrawing money from your Paypal account in Malaysia, kindly share with us~

KL Property 1- The Meritz

KL Property 1- The Meritz

If you are an investor who likes to invest in property, you may notice that for the past few years, high-end residences in KLCC vicinity have appreciated tremendously. For example, prices for 'The Binjai' by KLCC Holdings has appreciated from the initial RM1000/psf to RM2000/ psf.

Due to 'Malaysia- My Second Home' programme and relaxation of the real property gain tax by the government, I foresee the property value in KLCC vicinity has good prospect for appreciation.

If you has the gut to buy a property in KL, this project may be an interest to you. Yes, 'The Meritz' by DNP Property.

The Meritz, located within the heart of Kuala Lumpur's Golden Triangle, is the ultimate urban residence created for those who appreciate the finer things in life. All of the 110 units within this 31-storey glass-encased tower offer a panoramic view of the city's enthralling skyline, which further enhances its spacious and chic feel.Situated next to the Putra LRT KLCC station with easy access to major expressways, this luxurious development makes travelling to all parts of the city easy. It is within 3-minute walking distance to Petronas Twin Tower and the Suria KLCC shopping centre. Bintang Walk and Royal Selangor Golf Club area are just a stone's throw away.

You may be interested to know that this project is co-developed by DNP property and WingTai, Singapore. And for your information, WingTai is a big name in Singapore property scene.

Penang Property 1- E&O Property

Penang Property- "Suites at the Waterside"

For those who can afford to buy half a million to 1 million suites, I think E&O Property in Penang " Suite at the waterside" is a good investment due to strategic location.

Built around the Waterside at Seri Tanjung Pinang, the one- and two-bedroom service apartments is located on a 4.8ha site and will feature a pleasure marina, waterfront promenade, retail marketplace and a five-storey lighthouse named “The Beacon”.

The developer is offering 160 units that front the sea and surrounding areas that emulates several of the world’s renowned waterfront destinations in Australia, the Mediterranean and the United States.

Anyway I can't afford to buy and I heard mainly the buyers are from Singapore and KL!

Attention! Malaysian Bloggers

Attention! Malaysian Bloggers!

For those of you who are Malaysian bloggers, kindly check out this site and learn how to make some extra money in your blog. For Malaysians only! Malaysia Boleh!!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Langkawi Visit and Investment

Langkawi Visit and Investment

I attended a medical meeting this weekend at Langkawi, Malaysia. I was impressed with the development at the jetty there + a few new interesting tourists’ spots such as Cable Car, Dataran Helang etc. I learned from the guide that the price of a piece of land at Langkawi has increased tremendously for the past few years due to the emergence of Langkawi as a popular place for tourists from various countires.

I still remember that when I was a medical student many years ago ( about 8 years ago), there were not so many tourists there and apartments and condominiums were cheap at that time, I really regret that I did not take any afford to buy any property then.

As a successful investor especially in property, you must have the quality to foresee future development, a lot of people out there like to be followers rather than pioneers. If you want to make a big profit in property, although financial planners always tell you that you have to find hot, hot and hot spots, I think this can be unpractical in some circumstances because properties at hot spots are so expensive and you have to wait for another economic downturn before you can afford to buy. However, if you have the quality to foresee future development, you may get some cheap properties that can turn to millions of dollars in assets in 5 to 10 years time!