Friday, September 28, 2007

Google Adsense Tutorial 1

Google Adsense Tutorial 1

As I said in my previous post, Google adsense is a good and easy way to make money online. There are a few things to consider if you are serious about making money online,

1) What is your niche market??

If you look around, what interests you most in life? You must find a topic that you know a lot and you can write a lot. I am a medical doctor, but besides medicine, I like investment and property, therefore, I decided to write about medical stuffs and money.

2) Who would be your viewers?

If you put up a website, who will view your site/blog. This is important because you want to target your viewers and write something that they are interested in. If you like car and you think your viewers are mostly from Singapore or Malaysia, it is pointless for you to talk about new car models in US, or Japan!

3) What is your platform?

OK, now you are ready to start your engine, but there is one important question to ask" Where do you want to put your thought/writing?" Many people would like to apply a domain name and start his/her first internet bussiness. I would certainly advise you to join blogspot first because it is FREE and you can put up your Google Adsense advertisement.

OK, I would talk more about SEO and how to attract visitors to your blog next time.


Saturday, September 22, 2007

KL Property-Hampshire Residence

Hampshire Residence
One of the more affordable properties in KLCC area,

City:City Centre
State:Kuala Lumpur
Property Type:Condominium
Land Title:Commercial
Built Up:753 - 2,936 sq.ft.
Land Area:2.557 acres
Listing Price:RM525,000 - RM2,102,000
Total Unit:388
No Of Bed:1 - 4
No Of Bath:1 - 5
Bumi Discount:5
Completion Date:3rd Quarter 2008
Maintenance Fee:RM0.35

Find out more HERE

Hot Tip to Make Money!

Hot Tip To Make Money!

If you read newspaper everyday either in Malaysia or Singapore, you will certainly come across advertisement that promises you huge return if you attend their 'preview' seminar. They are offering 'insiders' secret' about property investment, online bussiness, FOREX, stock..... etc.

I am certainly very interested to know more about this and actually I made my first step attending one of these previews two years ago.

People want to make more money and certainly most of us want to make fast, easy and huge bucks if possible. I always believe that if you are to continue to trade you time for money ( what I term as 'rat race'), you will never make your first million before your funeral! Therefore, I like to attend these seminars to learn how people make money in their lives. By the way, I only attend 'FREE' seminars, and I never attend and pay money for the 'real' courses.

I find out an interesting way how people are making money nowaday which is quite fashionable. I just want to introduce you this way and it is up to you to apply it,

OK, you have to follow these steps,

Step 1:

Find a few good friends and pool all you money, if possible 30-40K and these must be in cash.

Step 2:

If possible, get a banker or property agent in your group.

Step 3:

Locate a good property, either in auction or a new project, put your cash as deposit to purchase that property

Step 4:

Sell your property ASAP and mark up the price for at least 20%.

Step 5:

Get the profit and repeat all the previous steps.

Sounds easy, right?? I know people are making money this way because there is no Real Property Gain Tax (RPGT) in Malaysia currently. You only have to pay stamp duty and legal fee, therefore, find a lawyer in your group if you can!

Happy investing!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Need money to start a bussiness?

Need money to start a bussiness?

Thinking of starting a business? Applying a loan may be difficult if you do not have a well established bussiness with good and well maintained account.

Recently noticed this advertisement. If you are those between 18-40 years and from Malaysia, try to apply this loan because the interest rate is only 4% per year. I do not think you can find such a low interest rate else where in this world except Japan!!

" Kami bukan Along, Kami cuma nak tolong!" ( We are not loan shark, we just want to help!)

Check this out TODAY!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Can you make your 10 dollars become 15 dollars??

Can you make your dollars become bigger??

I think everyone can feel the pressure of inflation nowaday. I do not quite believe what the Malaysian government's figure about inflation rate. It is always estimated about3-3.5%.

If you earn about RM4000-RM5000 a month and you have a lot of installments to make monthly, I think you bearly can survive with this salary.

I anticipate the inflation will be creeping up in coming months or even years to come due to higher global demands on commodities. I think this is mainly due to rapid growth of Chinese and Indian economies. The theory is simple, people in China and India are becoming more wealthy, they will buy more and they demand more. Due to inadequate supply, you will be seeing the inflation rate to be rocketing in these countries soon!

OK, for us in Malaysia and Singapore, you must make full use of every dollar you have, so how do we make our money become bigger and increase our purchasing power??

Rule 1 : Never buy using credits

Never buy your daily neccesities using credit card. Credit card is the monster of all evils. It will eat away your income. Imagine how much bank is making with 18% per annum in interest from your credit card.

Rule 2: Plan before you buy

Have a list before you go for shopping. You tend to buy more if you do not think before stepping into a shopping mall. Shopping malls have all kinds of ways to make you buy if you do not plan before you go!

Rule 3: Buy when there is discount

I once come across a shirt selling for only RM25 as compared to the usual price of RM75 when there is big sale. If you buy some brandy name like ' Adidas', ' Nike', ' U2' etc, no matter you buy it in January or a few months later ( although you think it may be out of fashion later), the most important thing is do not over spend and give your hard earned money to someone else!!

Your money belongs to you, you have to think twice before you spend it!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What if........??

What if........??

No money to invest in any stock?? Salute to Bursa Malaysia for creating this interesting and challenging game. Check out this game before it starts on 1 October 2007.

It is a kind virtual stock trading game, you will win RM100,000 if you become the most profitable investor at the end of the game. To make this game more interesting, you can create a league with your freinds and combine your strategies to get the most return from your investment portfolios.

Join today, it is FREE and open for ALL!

Register TODAY!!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Can you make money online?

Can you make money online?

If you asked me this question 1 year ago, I would certainly ask you not to think about this because there are a lot of scams in the internet. You are likely to lose money rather than making any cents from online bussiness.

You may be wondering what is the fatest way to make your first dollar online. Actually, there are numerous ways to get your first US dollar online if you are serious about it.

1) Google adsense

I love Google adsense because Google pays you as what they promise. I have made about RM3600 ( US1000) so far after joining this program one year ago. If you want to learn about Google adsense, you can try to find out all about Google adsense here! However, be patient, you might not make any money for the first few months, but all your efforts will pay if you are persistent!!

Learn more about Google adsense and sign up here!

2) Amazon

Actually, Amazon is a kind of very stingy company. They pay only about 5-7.5% for commissions for any sale you make through your site. I do not think you can make any handsome money from this unless you have a very popular site.

3) E bay??

Heard about people actually earns a living by selling in ebay. Anyway, I do not have any experince in ebay. I tried to sell my old clothes on ebay and there was not even a single bidder for the past one year.

4) Forex????

I put even more questionmarks here. My friend told me that he made a few hundreds dollars so far in FOREX and if you read newspaper everyday, you most probably read about people making a few hundred percents profit in FOREX in one day. No comment from me here. I will try to learn trading FOREX soon and hopefully can give you all some inputs.

5) Clickbank

Unfortunately, you can't register an account for click bank if you are from Malaysia. But there are a few ways you can do this. Have you heard about Virtual Office? Apply one and use the address to apply one account in clickbank. I find that there are a few companies in Singapore provide this kind of service. Anyway, you have another headache after that, how to withdraw your money from Paypal ( Clickbank pays you via Paypal), I have US40 in Clickbank but I can't use the money and they are deducting US1 every month from my account since 4 months ago because they say that my account is not active enough!!

There are hundreds of other ways you can make money but for a beginner like you and me, I recommend you to give Google adsense a try! Good luck!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Sell in E bay??

Sell in E-bay??

I started to try to sell some items in ebay recently but I can't sell anything in ebay after 2 weeks!! Anyone want to offer any opinions and experince about selling in ebay??

Heard about people make a living via ebay. Anyone can comment?

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Scotts Square in Singapore

New Project in Singapore- Scotts Square
Scotts Square Scotts Shopping Centre and The Ascott Serviced Apartments, between the Grand Hyatt and Marriott hotels, are now being demolished to provide a large freehold site for the new Scotts Square - a 43-storey luxury residential tower with 338 international quality one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments and a stylish retail podium for your everyday needs.

Check out this site.