Tuesday, April 09, 2013

I Sold 3 Properties in 2 years!

Yes, after many years buying properties, finally I managed to sell my properties.
The first property I sold was in Penang Island, I bought in 2008 with RM340K and sold it at RM520K after 2 years 9 month. During the 2 years+ period, I stayed in that apartment and renting out one small room at RM500 per month for 1 and half year. I think it is not a bad investment considering a profit of almost 50% in 2 years ( 25% per annum)

Property Investment is always the best!
The second property I sold was a shopoffice at Seberang Perai, I would say it is a so-so investment. I bought at RM220K in 2005 and sold it at RM290K in 2011. However, it was always a cash flow for 6 years meaning my installments were always paid by tenants since Day 1 of the purchase.(5.16% per annum)

My third property that I sold was a terrace house in Simpang Ampat, I bought in 2001 with RM170K and I sold it at RM290K in 2013. However, I had been getting rental income around RM1000 to RM1100 per month for almost 5 years since I moved out that house in 2008. That translates to a profit of about ( RM290K-170K+ RM1000x12x5) RM180K, a return of 105% in 12 years ( 8.75% per annum).

My examples clearly show you that it seems that Penang Island property do much better that Mainland properties. I think one thing is for sure, it is certainly better investing in properties than keeping you money in FD or under your pillow.!