Monday, January 17, 2011

Shares to Watch in US (I)

Shares to Watch in US- Banks

Do you have foreign shares? If you are interested in US shares, I would certainly ask you to bet your money in financial institution especially banking giants.

However, you must take your own responsibility, do some research and read some financial reports about the companies you are going to invest.

Yes, US econocomy is showing signs of recovery and the sector benefits most will be banking sector. Look for companies such as Citigroup, Bank of America, JP morgan Chase etc.

After JP morgan earning report, watch out for other major banks earnings. Citigroup (NYSE: C - News) is scheduled to report on January 18, Goldman Sachs on January 19 and Morgan Stanley on January 20.

Friday, January 14, 2011

UK Land Banking Scam

UK Land Banking Scam

As I told you before, there are many con men out there. The only thing they want from you is your hard earned money.

Yes, it is not suprised that many Malaysians are cheated again into buying 'profitable' land in UK thinking that the title will be converted into commercial/residential titles.

You can read the news HERE.

There is no FREE lunch in this World and I would say again and loud, there is no easy money in this world unless it is illegal! Never trust anyone whom they say they will invest the money for you and gurantee you that the return is more than 15% per annum!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

RM67B Stimulus- What stock to watch?

RM67 Billion Stimulus- What Stock to watch?

Yes, good news again, our Mr PM announced 'good news' again. This time, another RM67 Billion investment under his effort of what the Malaysian government terms as Economic Transformation Programme (ETP).

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the projects from 10 National Key Economic Areas (NKEAs) would generate RM36bil in gross national income and create 35,000 new jobs.

Wow! Sounds interesting and ceratinly all eyes are over what stocks will benefit from this announcement.

I think the big winner will be oil and gas and certainly all stocks related to this field will be investors' favourite in 2011!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Formulas to be a Millionaire (II)

Formulas to be a Millionaire

There are legal ways to become a millionaire. I do not believe that "Behind every great fortune, there is a crime!". You can become a millionaire by legal and humble ways, follow my rules as below,

1) You must invest your money! Yes, no matter how tiny your money is, you have to invest to grow. Learn how to invest in various ways-stock,property,mutual funds or even yourself! Invest some money in yourself to learns ways to invest. Never entrust other people to invest for you, they will eventually take away your money!

2) Be persistent and consistent. Yes, money grows but not overnight. Find an investment vehicle and strategy and stick to it. Becoming rich overnight is a myth unless you 'kena' Toto or Magnum or some millionaires fall in love with you. There is not 'get rich fast' scheme in this World!

3) Have multiple streams of income! Yes, for you to have more money, the principle is easy, duplicate yourself and get multiple streams of income. I would talk more about this topic next time.

4) Never fall into scam! When everyone is greedy, be careful and pull back, when everyone is worried and running away, there might be the best time you jump in!

Yes, there is no short cut to heaven, and certainly there is no short cut to becoming rich as well!

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Formulas to be Millionaires

Principles to be Millionaires

Yes, there are formulas to be a millionaire! As long as you follow these formula strictly, you will become a millionaire, it is just a matter of time. Trust me, these formulas are proven and just stick to them and you are on the right direction to be a millionaire in one day!

You might heard this, how much money you make depending on how many people you know, I dispute this! I would say, how much money you make depends on how many ways you know to make it! Having said that, when you get richer, it it quite natural you will know more people, I do not agree on 'know-who' way og getting rich but rather than' know-how' way of getting rich!

'Know-who' way of getting rich is a chronic illness that drags this country into corruption, making people of wanting to get rich fast and paving ways for our businessmen and politicians to gain access to easy money!

Believe me, there is no short cut to be a millionaire, I would talk about these formulas in my next post!

Is Penang Property Price too High?

Is Penang Property Price Too High?

I certainly agree with you that a normal working adult can not afford to buy a landed property in Penang Island and you might know, Penang island property price is the highest in Malaysia, even above the level of KL property. However, as compared to property in Singapore, we are still far far behind.

So the question now is will Penang property price goes higher this year?? I am not a economist but I agree that the price now is far beyond the average people can afford, I don't quite understand why the property in penang Island is so high even though the renatl yield si not as good as KL property but one thing for sure, the property price in penang Island in 2011 will be higher!!

One lesson I learned in property investment is the property price always lag behind stock market about 3-6 months, which means when the market is bull, the price in property will shoot up after 3-6 months behind stock market.

However, be aware that I told you that the market will make a U turn likely in 2012, therefore I anticipate the property price will cool down starting from middle of 2012.

Happy Investing!

Friday, January 07, 2011

How to avoid Investment Scam?

How to Avoid Investment Scam??

Yes, you are right, Malaysia has one of the highest investment scam in the world! The reason behind this? I am not sure, maybe every Malaysian wants to get rich very fast as their friends who join certain political parties!

There are so many investment scams out there, some may sound quite familiar to you- internet investment schemes, land banking, water dispenser business, gold investment,worms breeding (??), certain multi level marketing schemes etc etc. It is imposibble for me to list down all of them.

However, for you to avoid all these investment scams, just follow these golden rules,

1) Never believe in an investment that sounds too good to be true. How many percents of investment return that is too good to be true, I would say anything more than 15% per annum. Yes, unless you do it or invest yourself, never trust anyone!!

2) Anything that wants a large amount of start-up capital/money. Yes, unless you have the black and white then you are joining your trusted partners to start a business, never give your money after just listening to 1-2 hours business preview! Malaysians can talk very well ( like our politicians) but when we talk about actions, noone actually can deliver their promises!

3) Unclear business or investment model. Just sit down and think about it, if you think that the investment model is too perfect, then avoid investing in it!

Lesson to be learned, never give your hard earned money for other people to invest for me. Learn to do it YOURSELF!!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

KLCI to Hit New High Again?

KLCI to Hit New High Again?

Will Kuala Lumpur Composite Index ( KLCI) to hit new high again?? I strongly believe so due to a few reasons,

1) Influx of hot money from overseas will continue until US economy recovering, I anticipate US economy will slowly recover middle and end of 2011 and US market will go in to bull market starting from 2012, therefore, our market will continue to rise until end of 2011/early 2012.

2) Our PM will continue to announce 'good news' for investors as well as developers, timing is crucial for our Mr PM, he has to announce general election before our market makes a U turn, it is likely our election will be held by latest end of this year or early 2012.

3) Our economy is still solid with anticipated growth of 5-6% in 2011, our poperty market already makes great gain in 2010, everyone is so euphoric about shares and property now but most of us will get burnt unless we make portfolio reshuffle before end of 2011.

Yes, KLCI will hit new high soon, may be at 1700-1750 in 3-4 months time!

How to Make RM4K online

How to Make RM4K Online?

Yes, you are right! As I told you, I finally made my first RM4K online in first month via Paypal. Having said that, my income is not consistent, ranging from RM900 to RM2000 per month via Paypal.

How to do this? Google adsense? No way because my website only makes about RM60-100 per month due to not so great traffic. I managed to do this after launching my first product online- Yes! a small tiny ebook that sells like crazy during the first 3 months!

So, it is certainly possible to get second income from internet!! I always believe that, I can't make money from clickbank, I can't make money from ebay but certainly I can assure you that you do make money from selling ebook!!