Tuesday, January 04, 2011

How to Make RM4K online

How to Make RM4K Online?

Yes, you are right! As I told you, I finally made my first RM4K online in first month via Paypal. Having said that, my income is not consistent, ranging from RM900 to RM2000 per month via Paypal.

How to do this? Google adsense? No way because my website PassPACES.com only makes about RM60-100 per month due to not so great traffic. I managed to do this after launching my first product online- Yes! a small tiny ebook that sells like crazy during the first 3 months!

So, it is certainly possible to get second income from internet!! I always believe that, I can't make money from clickbank, I can't make money from ebay but certainly I can assure you that you do make money from selling ebook!!

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