Monday, January 10, 2011

Formulas to be a Millionaire (II)

Formulas to be a Millionaire

There are legal ways to become a millionaire. I do not believe that "Behind every great fortune, there is a crime!". You can become a millionaire by legal and humble ways, follow my rules as below,

1) You must invest your money! Yes, no matter how tiny your money is, you have to invest to grow. Learn how to invest in various ways-stock,property,mutual funds or even yourself! Invest some money in yourself to learns ways to invest. Never entrust other people to invest for you, they will eventually take away your money!

2) Be persistent and consistent. Yes, money grows but not overnight. Find an investment vehicle and strategy and stick to it. Becoming rich overnight is a myth unless you 'kena' Toto or Magnum or some millionaires fall in love with you. There is not 'get rich fast' scheme in this World!

3) Have multiple streams of income! Yes, for you to have more money, the principle is easy, duplicate yourself and get multiple streams of income. I would talk more about this topic next time.

4) Never fall into scam! When everyone is greedy, be careful and pull back, when everyone is worried and running away, there might be the best time you jump in!

Yes, there is no short cut to heaven, and certainly there is no short cut to becoming rich as well!

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