Saturday, January 08, 2011

Formulas to be Millionaires

Principles to be Millionaires

Yes, there are formulas to be a millionaire! As long as you follow these formula strictly, you will become a millionaire, it is just a matter of time. Trust me, these formulas are proven and just stick to them and you are on the right direction to be a millionaire in one day!

You might heard this, how much money you make depending on how many people you know, I dispute this! I would say, how much money you make depends on how many ways you know to make it! Having said that, when you get richer, it it quite natural you will know more people, I do not agree on 'know-who' way og getting rich but rather than' know-how' way of getting rich!

'Know-who' way of getting rich is a chronic illness that drags this country into corruption, making people of wanting to get rich fast and paving ways for our businessmen and politicians to gain access to easy money!

Believe me, there is no short cut to be a millionaire, I would talk about these formulas in my next post!

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