Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Right Attitudes To Become Rich

Right Attitudes To Become Rich

Have you ever imagined what will happen to you in the next 5 years if you keep on doing what you are doing right now? Do you think you are going to get better or worse? If you work hard everyday to get paid and you think you are going to work even harder in a few years to come, do you think you are going to achieve what you aim in life?

I have been thinking of this question for the past few months and I know that we were taught that job security is important in life, therefore, we studied hard during our school time and we went to college so that we can get a stable, well-paid job!

Have you ever thought that if we keep on doing what we have been doing for the past donkey's years, are our lives going to change?

Therefore, today I am going to tell a few shocking attitudes that rich people have,

1) Rich people take calculated risk and they prefer opportunity rather than security! They venture into anything that can make money although they have to lose their jobs!

2) Rich people believe that action speaks louder than words. They have ideas and they will apply their ideas into money making machine. They do not just talk, talk, and talk......... again, again and again.

3) Rich people like to make friends with all kinds of people because they know the truth that more people you know, more money you will make! They do not stay at home after work and sit in front of TV and spend 1/3 of their lives watching TV or playing computers! They go out and meet people!

4) Rich people accept suggestion and opinion. They know there is always a better choice to make money. They look for ideas and they will turn these ideas into bussiness opportunity!

5) Rich people never complain. They will not give one thousand and one reason why the ideas fail but look harder for better ideas. Poor people complain, complain and have 100 thousand reasons when they fail in anything in their lives!

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Free Internet Lesson 2

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Friday, January 19, 2007

8 Rules to Become a Millionaire!

8 Rules to become a millionaire

Remember that there is no short cut to become a millionaire, there is not quick scheme to get your first million if you do not follow these rules,

1) Start investing TODAY!
2) Set your target- write down what you want to achieve in life! Never just picture that in your mind, I strongly advise you to write down what you want in life on a piece of paper and read it EVERYDAY!
3) Buy shares and mutual funds, never think that you will get rich by putting your money in bank! If you put your money as fixed deposit, the bank will get rich and not YOU!
4) Never speculate, buy blue chips shares. Never expect to get 100% returns in months, always think of long term investment!
5) Invest EVERYMONTH, has an outlined plan, invest consistently!
6) Hold your shares and never buy and sell and hope to get good returns. Studies show that millionaire investors usually hold their shares more than 5 years!
7) Plan your tax and estate properly, it is useless if your money and estate die together with you!
8) Be consistent in everything you do in life!

Hope these tips help you! Be patient, your hard work will pay off soon!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Rat Race and FinanciaL Freedom!

Rat Race and Financial Freedom

What is 'rat race'? Why there are so many people talking about 'rat race' today? If you read about any book talking about financial freedom and wealth, you certainly know about this term ‘rat race’!

So.........,what exactly is the rat race?

Well, we all believe that or we are made to believe that good education ensures you to have good work later in life. A good( well-paid) work ( such as doctor, lawyer, engineer) ensures you a bright future. I was told that I must study hard to get a good-pay job to be successful in life. So, I worked very hard during my school times, I scored perfect scores for almost all subjects in public examinations and I entered university to study medicine,I graduated as a doctor. I worked very hard every day, hoping that I will get what I want in life, but later I realized that no matter how hard I tried, I was not getting anyway in life. I am trading my hours every day to get paid! If I stop working for a month or less, I will lose almost everything!

Imagine how different your life could be if you had both the financial freedom and the time to take your holidays wherever you want, when you want and for as long as you want.

Although you may be earning thousand a dollar an hour, can you quit your job right now and still get one thousand an hour?

Even though working as a doctor pays me well every month ( not so well here in Malaysia although compared to most of the countries in the World), I am still earning better than average, but I still had a felling that this is not what I want out of life ... there is more to life than just going home to work then work to home day after day after day! Are you sure that you will be getting what you get right now if you fall sick one day!

Yes…..You are right. I AM STILL A RAT! I run everyday because I have to find foods. I still have to spend time looking high and low for foods! I AM TRADING MY LIFE TO GET MONEY AND INCOME!

If you do not what to repeat my mistake, find a way to free yourself from this ‘rat race’!