Friday, March 16, 2012

I Made My 7th Purchase!

I Made My 7th Purchase!

Yes, I am very happy because I have finally made my 7th purchase of another property in Penang Island. I am a strong believer in property investment. If you are interested in property investment, I would suggest you to do the following homework before putting in your hard-earned money,

Believe in what you do and keep going!
1) Find a good location, it is OK to buy slightly above market value, keep the property and wait for capital appreciation.

2) Earn/Keep enough money, you must have holding power for at least 6 months even no one rents your unit!

3) Never fall in love in your property, sell if you can make a profit of about 20%. Roll the money and buy a better property instead.

4) Diversify your portfolio, buy some properties for rental yield and some properties for capital appreciation.

5) You can invest as well in REIT. Some REITs pay pretty good dividens.

Happy investing!