Friday, January 07, 2011

How to avoid Investment Scam?

How to Avoid Investment Scam??

Yes, you are right, Malaysia has one of the highest investment scam in the world! The reason behind this? I am not sure, maybe every Malaysian wants to get rich very fast as their friends who join certain political parties!

There are so many investment scams out there, some may sound quite familiar to you- internet investment schemes, land banking, water dispenser business, gold investment,worms breeding (??), certain multi level marketing schemes etc etc. It is imposibble for me to list down all of them.

However, for you to avoid all these investment scams, just follow these golden rules,

1) Never believe in an investment that sounds too good to be true. How many percents of investment return that is too good to be true, I would say anything more than 15% per annum. Yes, unless you do it or invest yourself, never trust anyone!!

2) Anything that wants a large amount of start-up capital/money. Yes, unless you have the black and white then you are joining your trusted partners to start a business, never give your money after just listening to 1-2 hours business preview! Malaysians can talk very well ( like our politicians) but when we talk about actions, noone actually can deliver their promises!

3) Unclear business or investment model. Just sit down and think about it, if you think that the investment model is too perfect, then avoid investing in it!

Lesson to be learned, never give your hard earned money for other people to invest for me. Learn to do it YOURSELF!!


Albina N muro said...

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