Saturday, September 08, 2007

Can you make money online?

Can you make money online?

If you asked me this question 1 year ago, I would certainly ask you not to think about this because there are a lot of scams in the internet. You are likely to lose money rather than making any cents from online bussiness.

You may be wondering what is the fatest way to make your first dollar online. Actually, there are numerous ways to get your first US dollar online if you are serious about it.

1) Google adsense

I love Google adsense because Google pays you as what they promise. I have made about RM3600 ( US1000) so far after joining this program one year ago. If you want to learn about Google adsense, you can try to find out all about Google adsense here! However, be patient, you might not make any money for the first few months, but all your efforts will pay if you are persistent!!

Learn more about Google adsense and sign up here!

2) Amazon

Actually, Amazon is a kind of very stingy company. They pay only about 5-7.5% for commissions for any sale you make through your site. I do not think you can make any handsome money from this unless you have a very popular site.

3) E bay??

Heard about people actually earns a living by selling in ebay. Anyway, I do not have any experince in ebay. I tried to sell my old clothes on ebay and there was not even a single bidder for the past one year.

4) Forex????

I put even more questionmarks here. My friend told me that he made a few hundreds dollars so far in FOREX and if you read newspaper everyday, you most probably read about people making a few hundred percents profit in FOREX in one day. No comment from me here. I will try to learn trading FOREX soon and hopefully can give you all some inputs.

5) Clickbank

Unfortunately, you can't register an account for click bank if you are from Malaysia. But there are a few ways you can do this. Have you heard about Virtual Office? Apply one and use the address to apply one account in clickbank. I find that there are a few companies in Singapore provide this kind of service. Anyway, you have another headache after that, how to withdraw your money from Paypal ( Clickbank pays you via Paypal), I have US40 in Clickbank but I can't use the money and they are deducting US1 every month from my account since 4 months ago because they say that my account is not active enough!!

There are hundreds of other ways you can make money but for a beginner like you and me, I recommend you to give Google adsense a try! Good luck!

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