Tuesday, August 14, 2007

You earn more if you study more?

You earn more if you study more?

Last nite, I received an email from one of the readers of this blog asking me whether a good education equals to a better future. I am rather suprised that he asked me this question simply because I think there are so many examples out there to show you that there are only three types of rich people in this planet- you either inherit your wealth ( which only contributes to about 10-15% of rich people in th world), you win it ( by lottery, jackpot or you win a rich spouse heart) or you make it!!

However, look around you, you may find that a lot of rich people out there are not well educated, I am not saying that education is not important. Education is merely a stepping stone for you to achieve success, however, whether you will end up as a rat in your never ending 'rat race' or jump out from this game greatly depends on your will and determination.

I must admit that a lot of my friends who are not medical specialists are actually better off than me even though I was once very proud of myself being the Member of the Royal College of Physicians , United Kingdom (MRCP).

I get pathetic pay in the hospital and a few of my friends are actually getting RM20-30k a month from their clinics and bussiness.

The bottom line is- it all depends on what you want in life? Job satisfaction? money? etc....... and I want to make my point clear, you must be educated but whether you will be successful in life later greatly depends on your personality and attitude!!

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