Thursday, August 30, 2007

Merdeka Day- Are we getting better?

Recently I read about an interview with our opposition leader Mr Lim Kit Siang conducted by 'The Sun' about his view on Malaysia. He mentioned an important point about Malaysia, he said even after 50 years of independence, races in Malaysia are not becoming more Malaysian but rather more Chinese , more Malay and more Indian.

He also brought up an interesting fact, when we were free from British colonization in 1957, Malaysia was the second richest country in Asia after Japan. Look at what we have become today, not only we are far behind Japan, even Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong have overtaken us.

In a normal economy scenario, I think workers should be paid according to their productivity, however, this is not the case in Malaysia. We are too dependent on cheap labour and we are no longer the country of choice for many civilized countries we used to be long ago due to this privilege.

We have to emphasize more on human capital development. More should be done to keep our country best brains to work for Malaysia and not our neighbour!

It is my hope that our leaders can look far ahead how to shape this country. Individual interest and favourism should be abandoned. Leaders come and go but this country remains forever, together we can build a great nation for our children!

' Happy Merdeka Day' - Take away your skin colour, your religion and your culture , we are Malaysians and we can stand tall in the World if we work together!

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