Sunday, October 08, 2006

eBay Millionaire?

10 steps to sell successfully on eBay

I heard many success stories about people making millions of dollars by selling on eBay. It is estimated there are about 600 thousand full-time sellers around the world who make smart money every month by selling on eBay.

I have been struggling for many months to sell my first item through eBay. I find that there are a few important strategies you must always bear in mind before selling your first item on eBay,

1) Choose the right time to auction your item. Usually, eBay will take about 1 week before approving your item. Therefore, it is advisable for you to upload your item to the net on Friday/Saturday. Internet surfers will be able to see your items only the following Friday/Saturday. More people surf the internet during weekends!

2) Buy before you sell. You must try to buy something from eBay before you learn how to sell on eBay.

3) Sell something you know best. Always sell something you are passionate about because you know these items best and you can write good description about these items.

4) Do not throw your old stuffs. Make use of every old stuff at home. You may want to throw away your old clothes, old books etc. Give it a try, sell these items on eBay, you may be surprised how much you can get form these used items.

5) Give a good description about your item, try to attract your prospective buyers at the first sentence of your description.

6) Photo, photo and photo. A good photo is better than a thousand words. Take a few photos and choose the best!

7) Sell a few items at the same time. This will make you like a ‘professional’ seller.

8) If possible, capture international market as well besides local market!

9) Sell hot items that most people are interested. These include electronic items, clothes and collectibles.

10) Try and try again. Never give up!

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