Thursday, November 02, 2006


Lesson 14: Investment Tips Conclusion

From all my previous lessons, I think you know that I was trying very hard to tell you a few important points.

1) There is no what people might tell you the best investment vehicle in the world. I think you must learn how to invest by educating yourself. No people will invest for you and earn money for you without a 'price'!
2) Always avoid 'the habit' of buying items via credits. Never overuse your credit card and never build up your bad loans. (use loans to buy items that would depreciate in future!)
3) Pay yourself first every month. Invest at least 10% of your salary. Keep aside money as an emergency fund. ( 3-6 months of your salary)
4) Invest your time and money to build a business because majority of millionaires become wealthy because of business. However, if you want to get your first million fast, you either can inherit ( from your father or even father-in-law if you are lucky), win( from your lottery) or make it ( this might take years and years!)
5) Leverage your time and money so that your time and money will work harder for you! Never sell your time to get money in return because no matter how hard you try, you only have 24 hours a day, 672 hours a month and 8760 hours a year!
6) Diversify your investment if possible depending on your age , risk tolerance and of course your financial goal. And remember also, if possible, diversify your income also!
7) It is better for you to save now and enjoy later rather than spend now and suffer later!
8) Always have a proper plan how to achieve your financial goal. Revise your plan every year!
9) Intellectual property is the best property you can have. You might even have to spend a cent creating it and you can sell your ideas for millions!

Hope you find my articles useful and email me if you have suggestions to make!

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