Saturday, June 09, 2007

What do you want in life?

What do you want in LIFE?

I am lucky to have the chance to go to Singapore for a course recently. I am suprised that there are so many old Singaporeans who are left by their family members and end up in the nursing home.

It is true that Singapore is considered one of the economic miracle in Asia, managed to turn to the first world country from the third in just 30 years, however, I think most Singaporeans have lost what is the most important thing in life- family and time.

We work hard everyday for our family members hoping that they can get all they want in life. I work hard everyday because I want to give the most to my wife, my son and my family members. I always think that money is everything in life. I always give my mum money every month and I am always proud of myself because I still manage to give her substantial of money every month.

Recently I told her that I am going to give her more money starting from next month because I will do more locums and I will have extra money soon. Do you know what did she say?

" Son, you may think money is everything in life, but for me, if you can come home every weekend and just spend 5 min chatting with me, I will be the happiest woman in the World!" she uttered with tears.

You have to work hard to earn money but I think you even have to work HARDER to get close to your family members and love ones!

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