Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Part Time Job and ' Harry Potter'

Yes, after not doing locum for the past 2 years, I did it again yesterday. Actually, I promised myself 2 years ago that I won’t trade my time again for money. I made a resolution 2 years ago that I will make some changes to my life but unfortunately I fail!!

I told you that you won’t get to any where if you continue the rat race to get money because there is no end to this journey. However, I had to do it again because I am facing the most difficult time in my life now, my wife has lost her job and I have become the sole bread winner of the family!

Actually, you may be surprised that you only get RM30-35 per hour doing locum in Malaysia. I earned RM70 yesterday after spending 2 hours in one of the clinic in Penang.

People like to do part time job to get extra income, I think it is the worst idea to get extra income sacrificing your time. I spent 1/3 of my time every day in the hospital, I come back home hoping to spend some family time with my baby and wife but I am worried too because you have to spend money wherever you go in Malaysia!! The standard of living in Malaysia is 'high' if compared to what you can get every month. Let’s look at how much a ' Harry Potter' book costs in Malaysia--------- RM69.90!! ( and you are lucky you can get this price because Tesco and Carrefour are offering this irresistible bargain, you may have to pay RM109.90 if you buy it in a normal book store!!), and look far south or east ( and west), Britons are getting this book with only 5 pounds!!

And look back in Malaysia how much a government doctor gets every month, RM3K+! Yes, three thousand Malaysian Ringgit or 500 pounds. If I work in UK, I will be happy to spend my 5 pounds to enjoy 'Harry Potter' which is only about 0.16% of my monthly salary ( if I am getting 3 thousand pounds) but in Malaysia, I have to spend 2.4% of my salary to get the special discount to enjoy ‘ Harry Potter’. Therefore, I always feel that Malaysians do not like to read not because they are not interested but simply because 'reading' is an expensive hobby in Malaysia!!

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