Thursday, October 11, 2007

Options Trading- Make money??

Options Trading- New Trend to make money??

I am seeing a lot of advertisements about option trading recently in local and Singapore Newspaper. Can option trading really help you to achieve your financial goal??

As I told you earlier, if you ask 10 people on the street about ‘ stock market’, 8 out of 10 will tell you, ‘ You are going to burn your money if you invest in stock market!!’ However, I think you must look at stock market in a different perspective. Warren Buffet makes his fortune through stock investment and he will tell you if you want to get rich, invest in stock but remember two rules,

Rule 1: Never lose your money in stock!!
Rule 2: Never forget rule 1!

If you ask me to swim across Johore strait to Singapore, I will tell you I will be 100% drown and it is crazy to do so!! Anyway, if you ask any national swimmer to do so, he will say ‘ It’s kacang!!’

So my advice to you, open your eyes and acquire new information and knowledge, you will be suprised how much your hidden potential!!


Ronald Lee said...

The ads in the papers are very misleading. They go all out to make money from seminars. How can you teach 200 to 300 students at one go.
Trading have to be taught and learn on a regular basis. Don't be a sucker, I have learn the hard way.

Anonymous said...

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