Sunday, November 11, 2007

Google Adsense Tutorial 2

Google Adsense Tutorial 2- Draw Traffic

Google adsense pays most generously. So far, after trying so many PPC ( Pay Per Click) campaign, I still think Google adsense is the best. Although some publishers may think that PPC era is over, as a beginner, make full use of Google Adsense and you will receive your first cheque soon, trust me!!

In my previous post, I told you about how to write a blog. After applying a Google adsense account, you can then put your advertisement in your blog to start to earn your first US dollar. Anyway, try everything, some advertisement formats may attract more clicks than others, I think you should explore all possibilities.

Anyway, I think the most difficult part is how to attract visitors to view your blog?? There are a few FREE ways here,

1) Include your blog in major search engines

Go to Yahoo, Google or MSN and there is a section for you to suggest a new URL/site, click and include your blog URL. If you are writing a Mandarin blog, you may want to include it in

2) Link exchange

There are thousands of sites proivides link exchange with other websites, you can try the following,


3) Write articles

Write as many articles as possible and put these articles in article directory but do not forget to put your blog URL at the end of your article.

4) Participate in forum

Try to participate in many forums as possible and give your opinions and include your site URL.

5) Give comments in other people blog

Include useful comments in other people blog and of course include your site URL as well.

6) Pay for traffic

This is a more advanced technique, you can use Google adwords but I think we should skip this and discuss it in future.

7) SEO

Make your site ranks high in search engines, this needs time ,energy and money. Anyway, I will talk about this in more depth in future.

8) Include Tell a friend script in your blog

If you look at the right column of this blog, you would see Tell a Friend script and this is for visitors to introduce this site to others ( viral marketting)

9) Use Classified advertisement

If you are in Malaysia, CARI.dom is a useful tool. However, you can find a lot of Free advertising sites in the net.

10) Advertise in local papers

Anyway, try this only after you get your first check!

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