Thursday, December 06, 2007

KL Hilton and KL sentral

I recently attended a conference in KL Hilton. I was surprised that although we are performing about 50-60 kidney transplantation in Malaysia, even one Chinese hospital in Beijing is performing more than 1 hundred kidney transplantations a year.

Anyway, I hope I won’t talk much about medicine in this blog, there is another thing that surprised me most when I was in KL sentral, yes you are right, the development at KL sentral.

I still remember that when I was a medical student 10 years ago, if I am not wrong, there was only a small piece of land at the location where KL sentral stands tall now.

Certainly, a lot of investors are getting good return now if they have bought a unit of condominium many years ago. I was shock to find that a condominium at KL sentral is selling at RM700K. I am not sure about the launching price of that condominium about 10 years ago but I was told it was only RM200-300K.

Why KL sentral attracts so many buyers?? If there is a transport hub in Penang similar to that of KL sentral, do you think it is a good buy??

I heard that MRCB is going to build a similar transport hub in Butterworth, maybe we should get a small piece of cake if possible!!

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