Friday, December 25, 2009

Property Investment Made Easy

Property Investment Made Easy?

I am a strong believer in property investment. People may say 110 bad things about property, I only say 2 good things about property- they seldom depreciate and you feel proud owning a property.

However, tenants are always a big problem for landlords. Therefore, before starting to become a successful property investor, you must learn how to pick a good tenant!

A few principles apply to choose a good tenant,

1) They must have a steady pay job. And will be better if they are a government servant. No believe how much they can earn blogging or doing online bussinesses, only trust pay cheque to pay cheque faithful workers!

2) They are young and newly married. This will be the best. If you find the spouse is also working, take them quickly even though they want a discount!

3) They do not cook. I would prefer someone seldom cool to stay in my property because cooking makes you to spend more money to renovate again when the tenant moves out!

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