Saturday, March 19, 2011

Formula to be Millionaires ( III)

Formula to be Millionaires (III)

So am I a millionaire? A lot of readers ask me. If you a millionaire, why do you bother to blog about making your first million in this blog. Frankly speaking, I do not have a million in cash but I can say proudly to you that I have a net worth of more than a million. I believe in investment, I believe that no matter what people told you before, there are still a lot of legal ways of making money.

First of all, I try to avoid buying bad/useless assets. The best example of this kind of asset is car. Some people might think that it is almost impossible for you to live in Malaysia if you do not have a car. I totally agree with that, if you are thinking of buying one. Buy within your means, what not considering a second hand car??

Secondly, before you can invest, you must save! Even just RM200 a month, I am happy to save regularly. I keep the money and when I have enough fund, I buy stocks, I buy property that give me long term gain if I hold to them. I even buy books to learn about investment!

Thirdly, spend your time wisely. I would prefer to attend a property/stock talk rather than sitting in front of TV watching AXN ' CSI' /' Leverage' or even 'Amazing Race'! Don't waste your time! Gain the knowledge and prepare yourself!

Fourthly, start small but dream BIG! Even only you only make RM1K this time, you can make RM10K, 100K or even RM10 million next time!

Lastly, yes, you must TAKE ACTION! It is pointless you are just dreaming and find out you wet your pant without taking any concrete and firm action!!


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jason said...

The road to success starts with investing in ourselves - our knowledge, our health, our relationships.