Friday, March 02, 2007

10 Ways to Save More Money

10 Ways to Save More Money

I recently bumped into my high school friend. He is currently a very successful property developer in Malaysia and Singapore. We had a chat and he was asking me about my future plan. Actually, I was rather embrassed to tell him that I am still working very hard to get not my first million but rather my half million dollars. He told me that how much you get at the end of the day does not depend on how much you earn but rather than how much you save!

There are 10 quick ways for you to save more money!

1) Never spend on your 'expensive' drinks
I do not want to tell you the name. I was so amazed that people nowaday can spend 10 or even 20 dollars to drink a cup of coffee. Can you imagine how much you can save a month if you just live without all these expensive coffee and tea!

2) Never use your credit card
If you do not have so much money to spend , never have a idea that you will get away with 'spend-and-pay' later!

3) Pay your debt and save interest
Pay your debt with the highest interest rate!

4) Buy second hand thing
Don't you think it is a good idea to buy a second hand car? Let the first owner pays all the tax and you get the benefit to drive the car with only 2/3 or 1/2 of the usual price!

5) Stop smoking
If you can quit smoking, you gain health and save more money. Kill two birds with one stone!

6) Buy rather than rent if possible
Always you will have big commitment whenever you buy a house ( installment to pay everymonth), you can have good returns in long run! Do not waste your money paying your landlord everymonth!

7) Plan before you buy
Plan before your buy. Never go to a shopping mall without a list. You will end up buying unnecessary items!

8) Use fuel-saving vehicles
No point driving a 3L or 4.5L car on city road when it is illegal for you to speed more than 100 km/h. If you want to drive BIG car with HUGE horse power, join Formula 1, you will get money more than 100 times or even 1000 times your vehicle value if you win a race!

9) Stop buying lottery
Save than 1,2 dollar every month and give up your hope of becoming instant millioniare. You have a better chance to become a millionaire if you start saving money today rather than betting your money in casino or buying Magnum/Toto/Lottery

10) Rule number 10- remember that you take control of your money!

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