Friday, March 09, 2007

Chicken Little Mentality

Chicken Little Mentality

Read about this in a book today ( 'The Millionaire Mindset' by Gerry Robert). What poisons our mind most is our mentality. We were always told that money is evil and we are not supposed to be rich.

You were probably told things like this:" Go and get a good education, study hard and once you get a good education with good grades, you'll go and get a good job in a good company and work hard and long and stay there for 25 years and get a pension for life!"

However, I see it this way: you get a chicken little education so you get some chicken little degree, so you can go and impress some chicken little companies and go to work for some chicken little boss so you can stay in that chicken little company getting little paycheck for 30 years, listening to some guy you hate your whole life so that at the end of 30 years you get some chicken little pension. That's not a life, that's chicken feed!

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