Saturday, May 21, 2011

Genting Hong Kong

Genting Hong Kong- An undervalued stock??

Still remember about 3 years ago when I bought my Genting Singapore stock, it was about S0.45 per share. I was very worried that time because of uncertainty of global economy and there was rumour as well that Genting Berhard might not be able to build the casino due to various causes. But buying Genting Singapore proves to be one of my best investment ever because I made a handsome profit of almost 120% when I sold my shares at S1.20 when the casino was opened. I still regret that I sold my shares too early because as you all know, Genting Singapore share price has rocketed above 2 dollars now!

So, what's the next undervalued stock to buy?? I am looking at Genting Hong Kong ( Genting again??). Genting Hong Kong is formerly known as Star Cruises Limited, is a leading global leisure, entertainment and hospitality enterprise, with core competences in both land and sea-based businesses. I am very interested in its Phillipines business which is Resort World Manila and I always believe that gaming and resort business is the most profitable business in the world.

However, there are various challenges faced by Genting Hong Kong- uncertainty of global economy, the Phillipine political turmoil etc.

Anyway, do your research and put your bet. I am not sure,I hope that Genting Hong Kong will become the second Genting Singapore in 2 years time.


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