Thursday, June 30, 2011

My First Check in Paypal (II)

My First Check in Paypal (II)

As I told you before in my previous post. I finally got my paycheck from Paypal after venturing into internet business in 2005. I started in 2005 after passing my postgraduate medical degree. After reading a lot of books and posts in the internet, I strongly believe that Google Adsense is the best way to get my first dollar from internet. Frankly speaking, it was quite true because I still remember I made US35 dollars first month after running Google Adsense in my website.

Write you own ebook if possible!!
I was very very excited and worked very hard trying to get at least US100 dollars every month but I was unable to do this consistently and I must say that Goolge Adsense revenue is pathetic!!

After that I tried other methods to earn money- Ebay,Amazon, Clickbank etc etc but it is easier said than done. Besides making about 70 pounds from Amazon UK after 2 years, I got almost nothing from other methods mentioned above.

Finally, I wrote an ebook in my website. Yes! You are right! It is a tiny ebook that I sell for about RM150 per piece and I made about RM30k in 2 years ( I made RM4K during the first month after launching of the ebook). I think it is not bad because I spent only 2 weeks writing the book and I still make about RM800 to RM1000 per month until NOW!!

Yes, I think the best way to make money online is to sell your own product if your website traffic is not so heavy. Just creat a special product and hope it can sell likes crazy and hopefully YOU TOO can make some side income online too!


Rimi said...

Hello, I appreciate you money making story. I'd like to add one-Empower Network. If you are already involved with MLM, or Multi-Level Marketing, or just looking for an MLM opportunity, you should take the time to go over Empower Network carefully. This could be just the opportunity that you need to boost your current MLM business, or create a brand new MLM business for yourself.

kingkinu said...

hi Rimi, MLM is basically a legal pyramid scheme disguised by selling products and/or services. The pyramid is the multiple and usually unlimited marketing levels where distributors recruit distributors who recruit distributors and so on. It's completely unsustainable and it effectively creates a pyramid scheme. It's mathematically possible for only an extremely small percentage of distributors to be profitable with this model.
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