Sunday, September 17, 2006

Are We Getting Happier ?

Are We Getting Happier If We Earn More?

We always heard people saying that human will never satisfied what they have in life. When we are still a normal worker who works nine to five, we wish we can get our first million, after getting our first million, we wish we can make our first 10 millions. We want more... more and more.........Therefore, we must always feel happy in what we are having now. We try to work hard and invest smart to get good returns, but we must also learn how to live our lives.


If you read a report published by, you would be surprised that the happiest country in this world is Vanuatu! You must be wandering where the hell is Vanuatu? It is a small country on South Pacific. Not USA, not UK, not Sweden or Switzerland. It is Vanuatu. So whether you are happy or not does not depend whether you are earning a lot of money. Your happiness depends greatly on whether you are satisfied with what you have right now.

I certainly agree that we must try all ways to earn more, but never forget to enjoy your life. Get a career you enjoy most in life. If you feel tired and hope that it is Saturday everyday, quit your job right now and find another job!

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