Friday, September 15, 2006

Money-Making Ways Online

Lesson 10: Money-Making Ways Online

As I told before, there are a lot of ways you can invest your money and energy to get a good return. We have discussed about mutual funds and property investment. You notice that in order for you to do so, you need to save some money from your salary by paying yourself first and then invest money in these investment vehicles. A lot of my friends always have the problem like you and me, 'NOT HAVING ENOUGH MONEY' is the barrier for us to have any opportunity to invest in anything!

However, today I am going to tell you something very exciting, you need very minimal start up capital to make money online. You may be telling me that 'I don't own a website, I don't have any knowledge to write HTML, I don't have any product to sell, how is it possible for me to make money online?!' OK...... OK......, you are partially right about this, I am going to tell you a few ways to make money online, some methods may need to spend money, some may NOT!

1) Becomes a blogger

I think this is the only 'FREE' way you can earn money online. Apply an account from and post some interesting articles in your blog. Remember that you must apply an adsense account so that you can put some advertisements in your blog, you can get some money if your visitors click on these advertisement. The only drawback bout this method is you have to write very, very interesting articles in your blog so that people like to come to your blog. If you are confident of your article-writing skill, get a domain and start your own website, you can put more advertisement and 'hopefully' earn more money online.

2) Becomes an affiliate

You do not have any product to sell. It is OK, you can becomes other companies or individuals affiliate. It simple means you promote products for them and earn commissions from that. There are a lot of popular companies that offer their affiliates high commissions. These include,, etc. However, it is easier if you have a website so that you can promote the products more effectively. If you have a website about skin care, then promote some products which are related to skin care such as cosmetics, anti-acne medications etc

3) Becomes an author or a seller

I think this is rather difficult for beginners, you need to have some products to sell. These can be physical products such as camera, clothes.....etc or e-products such as software, e-book. You can set up a website to promote these products and earn money from selling these. You can make it better if you can ask someone to join your affiliate program and help you promote your products to others. As you can see, you can make tones of money if you are able to do this. Companies such as, belongs to this group. Besides selling their own products, some companies may even help others to sell products online and earn commissions from all successful sales.

4) Option trading

You do not need to know anything about internet. Just apply an account and trade
options online. Actually, I do not anything about this but I know people making thousand of dollars from this activity.

5) Some 'unexplained and strange ' ways

I do know some authors claim they have special ways for you to earn money online.
They promise you will be paid by just clicking your mouse. I am not sure what kind of method they are using. But if you are interested to know some method, you can find one of the ways here!

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