Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Big Mac Index

Big Mac Index-Which City Makes Most Money?

Recently there is an interesting report published by UBS, the Swiss bank. The Big Mac index was used again to compare the purchasing power of workers from various cities around the world. The purchasing power ranking of cities was based on the number of minutes of work required to buy a Big Mac, the ranking is as follow,

Tokyo 10 minutes of work
Los Angeles 11 Chicago 12
Miami 12 New York 13

Auckland, New Zealand 14
Sydney, Australia 14
Toronto 14
Dublin, Ireland 15
Zurich, Switzerland 15
Frankfurt, Germany 16
Geneva 16
London 16
Vienna, Austria 16
Berlin 17
Hong Kong 17
Luxembourg 17
Montreal 17
Munich, Germany 17
Copenhagen, Denmark 18
Oslo, Norway 18
Amsterdam, Netherlands 19
Helsinki, Finland 19
Madrid, Switzerland 19
Nicosia, Cyprus 19
Brussels, Belgium 20
Milan, Italy 20
Taipei, Taiwan 20
Barcelona, Spain 21
Paris 21
Stockholm, Sweden 21
Singapore 22
Lyon, France 24
Manama, Bahrain 24
Dubai, United Arab Emirates 25
Moscow 25
Rome 25
Athens, Greece 26
Riga, Latvia 28
Seoul, South Korea 29
Johannesburg, South Africa 30
Lisbon, Portugal 32
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 33
Ljubljana, Slovenia 35
ao Paulo, Brazil 38
Shanghai, China 38
Prague, Czech Republic 39
Tallinn, Estonia 39
Warsaw, Poland 43
Vilnius, Lithuania 43
Beijing 44
Budapest, Hungary 48
Istanbul, Turkey 48
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 53
Bratislava, Slovakia 55
Santiago, Chile 56
Kiev, Ukraine 55
Buenos Aires, Argentina 56
New Delhi 59
Bangkok, Thailand 67
Bucharest, Romania 69
Sofia, Bulgaria 69
Bombay, India 70
Manila, Philippines 81
Mexico City 82
Caracas, Venezuela 85
Jakarta, Indonesia 86
Lima, Peru 86
Nairobi, Kenya 91
Bogota, Colombia 97

Tokyo seems to be city where you can earn your money the fastest. It is quite interesting to notice that Tokyo is the only Asian city ranks in the top ten list. The second Asian city where you can make money fast is Hong Kong. And again Kuala Lumpur, is far behind other Asian cities such as Seoul, Singapore, Taipei and even Moscow! And the United States is still the country with most cities where you can buy your Big Mac by working less than 15 minutes!

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