Saturday, September 23, 2006

How To Diversify Your Income?

How To Diversify Your Income?

OK, you are working from 9 to 5 and you are wandering how to increase your income provided you only stick to one job. You are right, you can not get rich if you have only one job unless you are a professional sport player, an artist, a high demand professional such as neurosurgeon or lawyer.

You must have multiple streams of income so that you can double or triple your monthly income. Here are a few ways where you can do it on your spare time and make some handsome money.

1) Create a product- write a book, e-book and even audio CDs and sell them online, or ask publishers to sell it for you and earn some royalties.

2) Join multi level marketing and sell certain products and get commissions from that. Recruit more members to sell the products for you and becomes what they call 'Diamond' or 'Platinum' members.

3) Start your own business , set up a small business like selling fruits/food in market during weekends to get extra cash.

4) Join affiliate program online and help them to sell products and earn commissions or get money from putting advertisement on your sites by joining Google Adsense.

5) Conduct your own seminar or talk to get extra cash. You can organize a talk to help people to solve their problems. Of course, these problems must be common and stir interest for people to attend.

6) Invest your money in stocks, mutual fund, money market etc to get extra money when there is capital appreciation.

7) Get rental income. Buy an apartment, a shop etc and rent out these properties and get money from that!

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